Root Canals

Ukiah family dentist Nicholas Khoury has the skill and training to care for your dental needs. Patients sometimes arrive at their appointment in intense pain. They are quite anxious to find out what is causing the problem and how quickly it can be fixed. Dr. Khoury evaluates the situation and treats dental problems like root canals before they turn into bigger issues.

What is a root canal?

Root Canal

The center of each tooth contains pulp that is made up of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. Its purpose is to nourish the tooth and help keep it healthy. Canals hold the pulp as it extends through roots into the jawbone. Pulp gets infected when it is damaged by a deep cavity or crack, trauma, or fracture. Symptoms include: Sensitive to heat and/or cold.

  • Constant toothache.
  • Hard to chew.
  • Swelling in the face, jaw, or gums.

An X-ray detects the infection even if it isn’t causing pain. In root canal therapy, Dr. Khoury removes the diseased pulp from the tooth and its canals. The area is disinfected and sealed.

Why do I need a root canal?

Why Root Canal

Diseased or inflamed pulp requires root canal treatment to remove the infection. The soft inner tissues helps the tooth develop, but isn’t needed once the tooth is full-grown. Tissues around the tooth will nourish it after the pulp is removed. Ignoring the problem can cause an abscess or additional pain. What do you get when the tooth is fixed?

  • A natural look.
  • The ability to bite and chew.
  • Protection for other teeth.

A root canal is a second chance for your tooth to continue serving you well for years to come.


How is a root canal performed?

 Root Canals Ukiah CA

Root canals are done by your dentist or an endodontist, a specialist who treats the insides of teeth. Most patients select local anesthesia to numb the tooth and area around it. That makes the procedure almost painless. The pulp chamber and root canals are cleared of the disinfected pulp. The doctor cleans and disinfects the area. A flexible material called gutta-percha is used to fill and seal the tooth. A crown or filling is added to the top of the tooth to protect the interior. It is important to have a root canal done right away. It keeps the infected pulp from causing swelling, pain, and the loss of your tooth. Nearly ninety percent of root canals are successful!

Are root canals as scary as people say they are?

The simple answer is "No". Dental technology has come a long way during the past few decades. Today’s root canal treatment is virtually pain-free and completed during one or two appointments. Patients recognize its similarity to a routine filling. Nearly half of the people scheduled for root canal treatment say they are nervous about it. After it's done, over 75 percent of patients say it was better than losing a permanent tooth. Some of our patients have slept during the procedure. They wake up to discover that root canals actually relieve the pain instead of causing it.

Why is Dr. Khoury an ideal choice to receive a root canal?

Best Choice Why is Dr. Khoury a great choice to go to for a root canal? He enjoys caring for the dental needs for you and your family. Cleanings, fillings, and Invisalign braces are part of the services offered by Khoury Dentistry. His friendly, professional manner puts you at ease. You’ll feel more in control over recommended dental treatment. The doctor discusses treatment options and procedures with you before they are done. Call today for a free consultation appointment at (707) 703-1667.

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