Invisalign Teeth Straightening

O rthodontic treatment is one way to straighten out crooked teeth. Many people have eliminated their teeth and gained a beautiful smile without metal braces! One of the methods in today’s market is Invisalign® braces. It is a virtually invisible comfortable system that reduces concerns about metal braces. Invisalign teeth straightening is more popular and affordable than ever because of the many improvements in dental technology.

Aligning teeth with traditional wire braces is a proven way to align teeth. However the idea of so much metal in their mouth bothers some people. They choose to live with crooked teeth rather than face the discomfort of metal braces. Dr. Khoury recommends Invisalign invisible braces for patients with this concern. It is a removable teeth straightening tray custom-made to fit the patient’s gum line and teeth. Its invisible alignment straightens teeth without drawing attention to the fact you’re wearing braces.


W e know you want to begin straightening your teeth as soon as possible. Khoury Dentistry transmits feedback about how to build your custom-made alignment trays. The 3D digital teeth scans from our scanning system provide that information. Putty impressions of the jaws and teeth are a thing of the past. 3-Dimensional digital scanning includes:

  • Increased alignment accuracy.
  • No need for impression retakes with accurate digital scanning.
  • Shorter appointments.
  • Fewer chair-side adjustments.

The discomfort of wire adjustments are a thing of the past. Replaceable trays are the way Invisalign teeth straightening gradually aligns teeth. Approximately every two weeks you will receive a new tray. Simply replace the old one with the new. Patients are constantly surprised by the ease and comfort invisible braces deliver!

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign Ukiah CA

I t is quite simple to brush and floss your teeth with modern invisible braces. On the other hand, traditional braces with metal wires make oral hygiene difficult. It is less of a chore to keep teeth clean with Invisalign, since that system never gets in the way.

Dr. Nicholas Khoury’s patients enjoy the freedom of eating foods traditional braces don’t allow. Invisalign teeth straightening trays are removed by the patient before any meal or snack. The teeth are brushed and flossed after eating and the easy-to-clean trays put back in place.

Physical appearance changes depending on the type of teeth straightening method used. Patients with a desire to have their teeth aligned have many options. They know that straight teeth enhance a smile. They also understand a mouthful of wires and metal detract from a smile. There is no longer a reason to hide braces by smiling as little as possible. Patients have the freedom to display their teeth because of Invisalign’s nearly invisible appearance.

Concerns about Invisalign

T raditional braces give some discomfort. Someone using Invisalign may also feel slight discomfort, but this occurrence is a lot less frequent than metal braces. That's because there are no metal wires to cause friction, which results in less irritation around the gums.

Dr. Nicholas Khoury is the dental specialist regarding comparisons between Invisalign and traditional braces. Costs of any method will rely on the specific treatment needed to straighten your teeth. Invisible braces may be less expensive in some cases. Questions and concerns will be addressed at the initial consultation.

Contact Ukiah's own Khoury Dentistry, for detailed information about the Invisalign process and costs. Click here to contact us online or request an appointment. You may list your questions about Invisalign teeth straightening. Please provide your contact information so we can respond. You can also call our office directly at (707) 703-1667.

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