Dr. Nicholas Khoury: Your Ukiah Family Dentist

Who is Khoury Dentistry?

Dentist Ukiah CA O ur patients like to know who we are when they schedule an appointment with us. We are a down-to-earth family dental office. We take the time to listen to you and respond to your concerns. If we suggest a type of treatment you’re not familiar with, we encourage you to ask questions - we enjoy educating you whenever we can. Another goal of ours is to provide the best care possible so your teeth and gums stay healthy and clean for years to come, which is accomplished with regular appointments and good dental hygiene.

There are several reasons why we care so much about your dental health. Part of it is professional pride. We enjoy our patients getting compliments about their sparkling smiles. It is a compliment to us when they refer their friends for the same excellent dental care.

Who is Dr. Khoury?

D r. Nicholas Khoury is a general dentist who was born and raised in Ukiah, CA. He is glad to return home to Mendocino County friends and associates. Khoury Dentistry is the opportunity to provide quality dental care to current and future patients.

Dr. Khoury is a professional member of Redwood Empire Dental Society. He is enthusiastic about sharing the essentials of good oral hygiene and how best to care for teeth. Our purpose is to encourage families to care for their teeth and gums. We want everyone to feel comfortable about visiting our office to get dental care. We offer routine cleaning to emergency dentistry.

Dr. Nicholas Khoury DMD Ukiah CA

Taking care of our patients

A family dentist is special because of the different personalities involved with patients. We explain why sometimes one child has a cavity and the other kids have none. We are interested in each patient and try to make you comfortable during your visit. Tell us if needles make you nervous or if you’re worried about ultrasound cleaning.

Communication is important to us at Khoury Dentistry. We teach our patients about preventative dental care such as proper brushing and flossing. Dr. Khoury reviews his diagnosis of any dental situation with you as well as the treatment. Technical information may not make sense, so ask about any part that is unclear and we will review it with you.

Why it’s important to have a trustworthy dentist for your entire family.

Y ou will find honest, compassionate staff at Khoury Dentistry. We know that dental situations affect life at work, school, and home. We evaluate the problem and explain the best method of treatment. In the event you are referred to a specialist, you can be sure it is someone we trust completely.

We’re not here to judge you because you’ve ignored a toothache until the pain is too much to bear. Dr. Khoury understands that there is a reason for postponing treatment. He will be honest in his analysis and explain the treatment needed. Every member of your family will receive the right care for their situation.

Some dental problems have more than one solution. We provide an explanation for each choice. The estimated cost, time involved, and approximate life of each alternative are given. As the patient (or parent of the patient), you are an important part of making the final decision.

Services we provide

  • Root canal:The procedure involves removing infected, inflamed, or dead pulp (which includes the nerve), from a tooth. The area is cleaned to remove bacteria and infection and the canals and pulp chamber are filled and sealed. Root canals can be performed by an endodontist and general dentist.
  • Biocompatible filling:Your family dentist seeks materials with no harmful side effects, such as porcelain. Durability, cosmetic appeal, and strength are other considerations for a filling.
  • Dental cleanings:Routine cleanings provide the opportunity for your dentist to check your bite and take X-rays of your teeth. The gums are checked. Plaque, tartar, and stains are removed. Proper methods of flossing and brushing teeth may be reviewed.
  • Digital radiography:These are a quicker, better form of dental X-rays. A digital sensor in placed in the patient’s mouth. It captures images of the teeth and roots and displays them on a computer screen for the dentist and patient to see. The image can be magnified to make it easy to see cavities or other problems. A copy can be printed for the patient, if desired.
  • In-office teeth whitening:Whitening involves the safe use of highly concentrated bleaching gel for fast results. In-office whitening under the supervision of your Ukiah dentist, Dr. Khoury, is the safest way to bleach your teeth
  • Take-home kits for teeth whitening:These involve Dr. Khoury taking a mold of your teeth. The dental lab will make a tray specifically for you. Your dentist will explain how to safely use the trays and cleaning solution.
  • Invisalign:These are a modern style of braces that uses aligners custom-made for each patient. They are made of nearly invisible comfortable plastic worn over the teeth. Teeth shift into place without metal brackets and wires. Most patients exchange the old set for a new set of aligners every fourteen days until the teeth are corrected.
  • Crowns:These are also referred to as caps. They cover an implant or damaged tooth to give a natural appearance.
  • Dental veneers:These are thin shells of tooth-colored porcelain materials. The custom-made items bond o the front of the teeth and improve the shape and color of natural teeth.
  • Bridges:These are formed by placing a crown on the tooth on each side of a gap. A false tooth is placed in-between and anchored by the abutment teeth. Fixed bridges are cemented in place.
  • Partial dentures:They cover a space when a tooth is missing. The artificial tooth is anchored to the teeth on either side with attachments. A partial denture can be removed for cleaning.
  • Teeth fillings:It replace areas where part of the tooth is removed because of decay. Fillings also repair broken or cracked teeth.
  • Emergency dentistry:Describes an injury to teeth and supporting tissue, such as fractures or teeth that have been chipped or knocked out.
  • Family dentistry:Describes a dental practice where patients of all ages receive treatment for tooth care and treatment. A family dentist promotes good dental practices by making it convenient to schedule cleanings for all members of the family on the same day in the same location.
Dr. Khoury Ukiah Dentist

Dr. Nicholas Khoury is a family dentist for residents in and around Ukiah, CA. Khoury Dentistry has a mission of promoting a patient-centered multi-professional approach to dental and overall patient health. Please call us for an appointment today at (707) 703-1667 or click here to use our contact form to send a message.

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