Ukiah – Teeth Cleaning & Whitening

D octor Nicholas Khoury is Ukiah’s trusted dentist. He offers affordable dental care for the whole family. Our personalized treatment, old-fashioned patient care, and modern dental technology sets us apart from other dentists in the area.

Ukiah CA DentistWe offer a host of services, including: root canals, braces, dentures, bridges, crowns, as well as general dentistry for the whole family. No matter your dental need, we have the right skills and tools to fix up your smile and make you feel great about it!

Dr. Khoury was born and raised in Ukiah, CA and has a deep connection with the area. “I am so excited for the opportunity to serve my local community at my own dental practice,” he says. Patients from Ukiah are eager to take a short trip just to receive care from the area’s finest dental specialist.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you’re getting braces, teeth whitening, or a deep cleaning, your smile is held to the highest regard. Dr. Nick understands that the smile is an extension of confidence, and he does everything in his power to transform it into as perfect a condition as possible.

His abundant five-star reviews communicate just that from his many satisfied patients. Each and every one of them left the dental office feeling renewed with a bright and healthy mouth.

Pain-Free and Convenient Dental Surgery

When you think of dental surgery, pain-free and convenient aren’t exactly words that would come to your mind. However, Dr. Nick ensures that any and every procedure is just that. He does not want the thought of an upcoming dental procedure to torment your mind in the days leading up to it. After just one procedure, you’ll realize that it was quick, smooth, and sometimes even enjoyable. Dr. Nick makes every effort to ensure that you feel relaxed, safe, and at ease in his dental office.

Ukiah's Finest Dental Work

If you need a dental procedure performed of any kind, give Khoury Dentistry a call at (707) 703-1667. We offer an over-the-phone price estimate for your next dental procedure. Feel free to ask us any questions you have! Taking care of your concerns is our top priority. Ask about what insurances we accept and/or what payment plans we can make just for you!

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