Full & Partial Dentures

P atients often have healthy permanent teeth separated by gaps where teeth have been extracted. Partial dentures are also called a dental bridge or partials. They are an excellent way to fill in the empty spaces.

Ukiah CA DentistPartial dentures can be taken in and out of the mouth. The supporting framework has a denture base close to the gum color and denture teeth. Metal clasps hold them in place. The clasps add stability by acting with the permanent teeth. Two reasons for selecting partials instead of bridges or several implants are:

  • Financial considerations. A partial denture is more economical.
  • Transitional appliance. The patient is not yet ready for implants or bridges.

Dr. Khoury will make a model of your mouth and send it to the dental lab to create. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to make partial dentures.


Getting Fit for Partial Dentures

First the teeth that will be used to support the partial denture are prepared for that task. An impression is made of the lower and upper arches of your mouth. The impression also records your bite. Dr. Khoury will make sure the impression is accurate. Then he will send it to the dental laboratory to make the partial denture.

When you return to have your partial fit into your mouth, the dentist will show you how to take it in and out. Your bite and speech will be checked to be sure the fit is not interfering with their normal routine. Dr. Khoury will also evaluate its function and appearance. This process requires several visits. Once the appearance and fit are satisfactory, it is returned to the lab for its final fabrication.

Common Complications

Patients may need a few extra visits to the dentist for adjustments. It can take several weeks to adjust to the feeling of new teeth and attachments in your mouth.

Eating and speaking habits change when a new partial denture is placed inside the mouth. It takes practice putting it in, placing it properly, and taking it out. Keep working at the process until you are comfortable wearing it.


Partial dentures restore a cheerful smile by filling in the empty spaces on your gums. They prevent your face from sagging and:

  • Improve speech
  • Support lips and cheeks
  • Help with chewing and support your bite.

Are partial dentures an option for you? Find out by scheduling an appointment with Khoury Dentistry at (707) 703-1667.

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