Dental Crowns

A good reason to choose cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of your smile. There are several ways to fix defects in the teeth. Do you keep your mouth closed or partially shut to hide chipped, broken teeth and old, unappealing fillings? An appointment with Dr. Nicholas Khoury in Ukiah will let you find out if dental crowns are right for you.

Description of a dental crown

Dental Crown

C rowns are attached to dental implants or cover existing teeth. One purpose is to give a nice look to crooked and broken teeth. Dental crowns provide structural support to a damaged tooth and the immediate area. Even if a tooth is heavily damaged, there is often a resolution besides extracting it. Custom designed porcelain bonded to gold or modern all-ceramic crowns give a natural look to repaired teeth.

The quality build and proper fit of crowns guards against nerve damage. Dr. Khoury is selective about materials used to make the crowns and the dental labs that design and prepare them. That is because he expects a crown to last twenty years or more.

Long term solution

Dental Crown Ukiah CA

T here are a lot of ways that teeth get injured. Crowns are a long term, dependable solution to extend the life of a tooth damaged by disease or an accident. Another way teeth get worn down is through clenching and grinding while a person sleeps. They are often recommended after a root canal is done, since that tooth is more likely to break.

A hairline crack or fracture in a tooth can result from a large filling. It may be found when a patient complains of chewing pains, although there is no evidence of damage. The crack continues to spread if it is left untreated until it reaches the nerve and requires a root canal. Covering the injured tooth with a crown once the fracture is discovered relieves pain. It also helps prevent the crack from continuing to the nerve, avoiding a root canal.


Cosmetic dental treatment

W hy are crowns regarded as cosmetic treatment? They turn discolored, worn, and crooked teeth into a pleasant smile. Trade your old, discolored crowns for metal-free porcelain crowns to match your natural teeth. Today’s dental porcelains and techniques turn your dream of a beautiful smile into reality. Boost your self confidence by gaining the look of perfect teeth.

How we fit the crown

Fitting Crown

Two appointments are required when fitting dental crowns. At the first appointment, Dr. Khoury prepares the tooth by shaping it and removing decay. Then a mold is taken of the prepared tooth. It is sent to the dental lab to prepare your permanent crown. We’ll put a plastic temporary crown near the color of your teeth on the tooth before you leave.

We’ll remove your temporary crown at your next appointment and replace it with the permanent one. You’ll be delighted over its comfortable fit and the difference it makes in the appearance of your teeth.

  • They are an outstanding choice
  • They support misshapen or broken teeth
  • They look natural when replacing missing teeth
  • Dental crowns restore your smile while returning the ability to chew and speak correctly.

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