Family Dentistry

There are several good reasons Khoury Family Dentistry is a popular choice for families. Dr. Nicholas Khoury knows what is important when providing dental care to patients of all ages. He provides affordable, friendly care to the citizens of Ukiah, where he was born and raised.

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Dr. Khoury cares about his patients. Each person receives the best from this dedicated Ukiah dentist. He knows how important it is for the entire family to have healthy teeth. It's convenient when family appointments are scheduled close together on the same day. Kids feel more relaxed when they know mom and/or dad also have dental appointments.

What three items make Khoury Family Dentistry really stand out?


Dr. Khoury knows that going to the dentist is not always fun to do. A people person, he goes out of his way to put patients and families at ease. Clients are encouraged and shown how to practice good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing are part of those important skills. Dr. Nicholas Khoury uses the day to care for patients and work with staff members. A cheerful, positive relationship is important when interacting with so many different individuals.

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Communication is important when you set or arrive for an appointment. You also want to communicate when you are in the dental chair for an exam or treatment. Expect a member of Khoury Family Dental to return your call in a reasonable amount of time.
A friendly, courteous greeting and a smile is given when you arrive for an appointment. Dr. Khoury explains treatment methods so any procedure and cost is clear.

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There isn’t much room to work inside the mouth. It’s important that the patient is aware of what Dr. Khoury is doing. Let the doctor know of any concerns. He frequently asks if you are doing alright and if the pain is tolerable. His goal is to keep pain as low as possible and help you relax during the process.


A Special Welcome for Kids Makes Children’s Dentistry Easier

An office designed to welcome children as well as adults gives the family time to relax. This Ukiah dentist office has comfortable seating for kids and adults. The child-safe waiting room sends a welcoming message. Dr. Nicholas Khoury reduces kids' fears while he takes care of their dental problems.

Kid Friendly

Kids Friendly

Dr. Khoury feels that childhood is the best time to learn good dental habits. He speaks with kids at their level so they understand what he’s saying. He also demonstrates the proper way of caring for young children’s teeth with parents.
He knows that kids are nervous about the tools and office environment. The kids get to see how the drill and other tools work so they are familiar with the sound and what they do. Children feel more in control when they understand what the dentist is going to do and why.

The exam room is kept neat and uncluttered so the child doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Each child requires a different approach to earn their respect and care. Dr. Khoury takes the time to build rapport with each young patient. The payoff is less fear and better results at the dentist’s office.

Positive Results

Our office is conveniently located for residents of Ukiah and Mendocino County. Khoury Dentistry has a mission to promote dental and overall patient health. Families benefit from Dr. Nicholas Khoury’s professional care and advice. Regular checkups and cleaning play a major role in the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay.
Crowns, Invisalign braces, and bridges are routine procedures at our office. We also specialize in root canal and teeth whitening. Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Call for an appointment today at 707-703-1667.

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